Why is vaasalpadi/Main Entrance considered to be sacred and why we shouldn’t we step over it?

Posted on Jul 2 2015 - 11:08am by Swathi

We have a tradition where in we are not allowed to step on the main entrance since it is considered to be sacred. I checked with one of the renowned scholars on the reason behind this and this is what he told me.


In earlier days the main entrance was made of Neem wood only.As all of us know neem has its own spiritual and medical benefits due to which residents used to have a hale and healthy life. Spiritual benefit being kshudra devatha’s would not enter the house .Also copper coins were nailed with the help of copper nails on the wood which will in turn generate some good vibrations. Since stepping on this would hurt the person stepping over it we were asked not to step on the main entrance.

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