Why we should go and take bath as soon as we come back from cutting (Kshavaram).

Posted on Jul 2 2015 - 11:14am by Swathi

The familiar reason being hair will falls down throughout the house there is one more reason that many of us are not aware of .


In the olden days there used to be  a single barber for the whole village or a place. So if there is a death at anyone’s home the barbers go to shave the heads of the family members and they used to attend to villager’s needs with the same set of Instruments like scissors, blades etc immediately .As per our tradition the family that has a death will have theetu (Considered to be polluted) for some period of time and others should not touch them and visit their house till the theetu goes. Since the barber will touch us and do the shaving/cutting the belief is that we also get that theetu and hence we should take bath to purify ourselves from that.

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