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Purohits and Cooks.com is a humble effort to bridge in the gap between Purohits/Cooks and common man who doesn’t have exposure to these details in the city they live in .We are just facilitators and we are not responsible for the quality of service rendered by either purohits/cooks in the site.Only after getting proper approval from all the parties the information about them has been posted and enough care has been taken to ensure that the information provided in the site is accurate and uptodate.In case of any discrepancies kindly send us an email to purohitsandcooks@gmail.com and we will get it corrected.

We have put in so much of effort to collect this information and hence request you not to copy the contents of this site and post this in any other sites.

Pl send us the details of Purohits and cooks known to you so that we can get in touch them and publish their details which might benefit others and last but not the least please don’t forgot to share this site across your network.

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