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I know many of you would be confused by now looking at this title .Yes I am telling you the truth and iam talking about kanipakkam  vara siddhi  vinayakar who is a swayambhu.

Specialty of this temple
This god is a dispute resolver.If any one has dispute then both the parties go to this temple and take an oath there.The person who lie will be severely punished by the Lord.

Story behind this Swamyambhu
Once some one was trying to dig a well in his field and he heard a different sound as he started to dig deeper.On going deeper he found a rock and on hitting the rock blood started oozing out from the rock and slowly the whole well turned into blood.That is how this swayambhu emerged and still this Pillayar is in that well and has been growing day by day.Before some 25 years we could just see the head from well and today we can see Ganesha till his stomach .Water from the well is being shared as theertha prasadam to devotees.
kanipakkam vinayaka
Where is this temple and how to visit
It is located in chittoor district and almost 1.5 hours travel from keezh Tirupati.(A.P.S.R.T.C) operates busses to this location from Tirupati Bus stand.Once you reach the temple go to Pond just opposite to temple and wash your legs and then go for Darshan.

Nijaroopa Darshanam
If you are going to this temple then try to take a ticket for Nijaroopa Darshan.In Nijaroopa Darshan there will be no alankara to god and poojari will show you head,face,thondam,stomach(called bhojja in Telugu) and the well.Nijaroopa Darshan starts from 4 or 4.30 in the evening. Dont forgot to ask for Sandanam from the poojari.Usually they will not give this to everyone if you are lucky enough you will get it.He will keep the Chandanam that was kept on Pillayar’s forehead in your forehead(for Ladies they will give in hand).Having Darshan in Nijaroopa Darshanam is considered to bring you good health and good fortune.

What to purchase here
Vellai yerukku Pillayar and KanDristi Ganapathi.

Laddu will be Sold everyday and along with that vada will be available only on certain days.

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