Aval Pori Vurundai for Karthika Deepam

Posted on Nov 25 2015 - 5:37am by Swathi

Today is Karthika Deepam and hence we are publishing a post on Aval Pori Vurundai Receipe which has to be offered as neiveidhyam today. Preparation of Nel Pori Vurundai is similar to this.

Required items

  • Aval Pori / Nel Pori – 250gms
  • Jaggery powdered/Broken into pieces – 500g
  • Thil / Yellu – 1/2 a tea spoon
  •  Coconut chopped into small pieces – 3 spoons
  •  Roasted Groundnut/Peanut – As per your requirement.
  •  Generally added in little quantities.
  •  Ghee – 1 tsp
  •  Water – 200 ml

Preparation Procedure
Clean Aval pori / Nelpori and keep it seperately.IMG-20151125-WA0003
Break Jaggery into small peices or grate it as per your convinience. Take all the jaggery into a kadai / Bandli and add water to it. Mix the contents and keep it in a stove.
Once jaggery starts mixing with water (while it turns to a liquid state) filter it to remove the impurities and keep it  back in the stove.Allow the contents to boil.Once you see the bubbles coming add Cardamom powder(yelakkai) , coconut , Thil(Yellu) to this mixture.Let it boil till you get the paahu padam(To test this pour a spoon of this mixture in to a vessel containing water and try to take it by the time you take it,it should become like a thick jelly).
Keep repeating the above process till you get the above consistency.
Once the required consistency is reached start adding this to Nelpori or Aval pori mixture.
Stir it to mix well and apply ghee to your hands so that the contents don’t stick when you prepare balls.
Take the mixed content and start preparing balls out of it.Your Yummy NelPori/aval Pori is ready.

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