Do you know Holy Ganga flows into a well every year

Posted on Dec 10 2015 - 1:15pm by Swathi

There was a saint by name Sridhara Ayyaval who was fondly referred to as ayyaval and he lived in the village of Thiruvisanallur.

One of the reasons for which we remember him today is that he got Ganga to the earth like Bhagiratha. One day Ayyaval had to perform Sraddham at his house and went to river to take bath.On his way home he found a man who was about to die. He got him to his house and fed him with what has been prepared for Sraddham .Since as per the brahmin tradition on the day, of sraddham food should not be offered or taken by any of the family members before it is offered to Brahmana’s for sraddham, brahmins who came for sraddham said that the did a big blunder by offering it to someone and hence they will not participate in sraddham.That year sraddham’s somehow was completed as Brahma,Vishnu,Shiva themselves took part in sraddham.

Next year Sridhara ayyaval requested his neighbours to participate in Sraddham and do the needful.They came back to him saying that he had committed a great sin and hence they will not help him .Then Sridhara ayyaval asked them pariharam to come out of that sin They advised him to take a bath at Ganga. Sridhara Ayyaval mentioned that he is old and at that age it  will  be difficult for him to travel and hence he will bring Ganga at his backyard and take a dip.All of them started laughing at him  as soon as he said this.Soon Sridhara ayyaval prayed to Ganga and others witnessed the miracle of Ganga flowing in  his backyard. Ayyaval prayed Holy Ganga to be in his well and every one took bath in the holy water.

This happened on the new moon day of Karthika Masa and every year sacred Ganga  flows in to this well.  Many people from different locations travel to Thiruvisanallur and take a sacred bath.This year (Saarvari Nama Samvatsaram) this day falls on 14-Dec-20.

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