Significance of Margazhi or Dhanurmasam

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The Month of Marghazhi / Dhanurmasa has its own significance like colorful Rangolis, chanting of Thiruppavai, Treat to the ears with events like music festivals, Hot Puliyogare / Hot Venpongal in the early mornings at temples.During the month of Margazhi we don’t get engaged with occasions like marriage etc.This has been set in place to ensure that we surrender ourselves to the feet of Lord Vishnu throughout this month.
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SriKrishna manisfests himself as the month of Marghazhi in Bhagavad Gita.This exemplies the importance of this month. Dhanuramsa is the last month of Dakshinayana which is the morning time for devatha’s. Hence during this month it is a practice to wake up early go to temples, sing Thiruppavi / Thiruvembavai , have darshan / Abhishekams of lord Vishnu. Thiruppavai is generally rendered by ladies during this month. It was composed by Andal and it has 30 paasurams. Each paasuram will be sung on each day for the whole month and unmarried women will observe a vratha called paavai nombu where in food is taken only once a day and the whole day is spent in chanting the slokas of lord Vishnu. Belief is that the girl who observes this gets a good husband as per her wish.
Worshipping Lord Vishnu as mentioned above for one day in the month of Margazhi is equivalent to Worshipping Lord Vishnu for 1000 years. Hence without considering the biting cold in the early morning lets us make an effort to wake up early in the morning, go to temple and get the blessings of Lord Vishnu during this month.

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