Gururaj Sharma

Posted on Dec 19 2015 - 11:23am by Swathi

Namasthe,This is Gururaj Sharma based out of Charmrajpet  in Bengaluru.He belongs to Smartha subsect . He follows Rig Vedam and Kannada  Sampradayam.He can perform Purva related Vaideha  Kriyas  for all brahmins who follow Yajur vedam, Rig vedam.   Location is not a constraint

Gururaj Sharma

Reg No 32
Name Gururaj Sharma
Vedam RigVedam
subsect Smartha
Location Chamarajpet
City Bengaluru
I do Poojas for  Vedams RigVedam,Yajur Vedam
I do poojas for Subsects Smarthas,Madwas
I Know  these Languages Telugu,Hindi,Kannada
Preferred location Any Where
I perform Poojas for  Purva/Aparam/Both Purva
I perform Poojas for Brahmins/Non Brahmins/Both Brahmins
Phone If you are interested in availing the services of this purohits please write to us at
Sampradaya Kannada


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