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Namasthe,This is Subramaniyam  based out of Chamarjapet in Bengaluru.He belongs to Smartha subsect . He follows Yajur Vedam and Kannada  Sampradayam.He can perform Purva related Vaidega  Kriyas  for all Smartha’s  who follow Yajur vedam, Rig Vedam.  He is Open for any location in Bengaluru.

Reg No 33
Name Subramaniyam
Vedam Krishna yajur vedam
subsect Smartha
Location Chamarajpet
City Bengaluru
I do Poojas for  Vedams Yajur Vedam,Rig Vedam
I do poojas for Subsects Smartha
I Know  these Languages Kannada
Preferred location Bangalore
I perform Poojas for  Purva/Aparam/Both Purva
I perform Poojas for Brahmins/Non Brahmins/Both Brahmins
Phone If you are interested in availing the services of this Vadiyar please write to us at
Sampradaya Kannada
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