Do you know Lavana Daanam makes you Beautiful

Posted on Dec 24 2015 - 10:28am by Swathi

Yes you heard it right. Lavanam means Salt in Sanskrit. Donating Rocksalt on the day of Margasirsha pournami(Pournami in the month of DhanurMasa) to the poor is going to make you and your kids Beautiful / Handsome.In Dhurmukhi varusham this day falls on Jan 12th 2017.


On this day after completing  the Nithya Karmas and Poojas in the morning take rock salt In a vessel and keep it infront of the god and chant the following.
Maargaseersha Poornimayam Sundara Roopam Sidhyartham Lavana Daanam Karishye ”
After this take the vessel with Rock salt  into your hand ,add Tulasi leaves and some money(dakshinai)  to this and chant the below lines.
“Rasanam Agrajam Shrestam Lavanam Balavardhanam Thasmadasya Pradanena Atha Shashanthi Prayachhame”
“Maargasirsha Poornima Maha Puna Kale ma ma sahakutumbasya sadha sundara roopam Sidhyartham idham lavanam sapatram Sampradade”
Now keep the vessel down and do namaskaram to God now you can donate this to some one. At the same time you can also donate salt to any number of people who can use it for food preparation. If the above mentioned process is followed the person who donates salt and his/her kids will become beautiful / handsome ever.

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