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Namaskaram / Namaskara,
Hanumath Jayanthi is the day on which one of the favourite gods of most of the kids Hanuman was born.Hanaman is a chiranjeevi and a Brahmachari. Brahma,Rama,Seetha have adorned Hanuman with the title of brahmachari.In Manmadha Samvatsaram this is celebrated on Jan 9th 2016 in the state of Tamilnadu.

Those who wish to fulfill their desires can chant the following Mantra 8 times in the morning and 8 times in the evenings. Chanting this 108 times will relief from all the health disorders. Its especially provides good relief for those who have Vayu Dosha.

Hanuman Anjana sunoor Vayu Putro Mahabalaha
Rameshtaha Palgunasaha Pingashomitha vikramaha
Vudavikramanasa Saiva Seethasokavinasanaha
Lakshmana Pranadatha Sa DasaKreeva Sadarpaha

On this Auspicious day it is good do Parayanam of Sundara Kandam and Ramayam and it is a practice in some places to write Sri Ramajayam

How Hanuman / Anjineya was born
In the mountain of Anjana which is also considered to be one of the seven hills of tirumala there lived a vanara veera by name
Kesari.He had 2 wifes Anjani,Marjara Mukhi.One day when Anjanai was on the hill top an Eagle passed by and dropped a Payasa Pindam infront of her.Anjanai took it thought of Vayu  Bhagavan and had that after which she was enjoying the beauty of the mountain along with Marjara Mukhi.Suddenly there was a big wind and due to the touch of Vayu bhagavan in the form of wind she gave birth to a Son.Since he was the sun of Vayu Maruthi/ Hanuman .Thats how Hanuman got the name of Vayu Puthra.

The day he was born was solar eclipse.Rahu was about to go and catch hold of Sun.Hanuman who was just born thought of it as a Ripe red fruit , Felt like having it and reached near sun.He didnt allow Rahu to swallow the Sun.Rahu who saw this got astonished and informed this to Indira.Indira came there and threw his vajrayudha on Hanuman’s face.In this process Hanaman fell down on a mountain and it is considered to be one of the seven hills of Tirumala.In this process his chin(Hanu) got damaged.Looking at this Vayu Bhagavan got angry and he remained still without any movement. Because of this all the Prana Vargas lost consciousness.Then Brahma had to convinced Vayu. Vayu got convinced and started to move post which all the Prana Vargas regained consciousness.Then Brahma came to Maruthi and blessed  him saying that he will be a chiranjeevi with a Vajra Kaya who can move any where and that he will also be a great Vishnu Bhaktha. Because of this he is also named as Bala Bheema.


Hanuman’s Curse of not knowing about his own power.
After Brahma’s Boon that he will be the stronger he got Anjaneya got headweight ,went to ashrams and started troubling sages.They tolerated this for sometime post which they cursed him as follows. “You will forgot about the strength due to which you forgot yourself and started troubling others.If someone reminds you about your strength only then you will remember about that”.That is why we need to chant his name repeatedly so that he will remember us.

There is an instance of this in yuddhakandam .During the Ramayana War due to a powerful weapon Of Ravana, Lakshmana became unconscious and fell down.Rama felt very bad after this incident. Sushena was the doctor of the Rama Troop called Hanuman and asked him to get Some medicine which Hanuman was already aware of.Soon Hanuman went to Sanjeevi mountain and started searching for it.Because of this Boon he forgot the specifications of the medicine and he couldn’t make out which is the correct medicine and finally got the mountain of Sanjeevi.

Hanuman’s Vaibhavam in Mahabharatha.
After Arjuna went to do Penance to achieve divyastras,Pandava’s were not able to stay without him at kamayaka vanam and they
along with Draupathi went to all punyathirta’s.During this process they also visited Himalayas.one day there was heavy wind and a flower by name sowgandikam came and fell near panchali.Drupathi liked the flower and wanted to get hold of the plant that has this flowers.She expressed her desire to Bheema and Bheema went in search of this flower .On his way he found a Banana Garden and he found an old monkey blocking his way and that was lord Hanuman who was chanting the name of Lord Rama.Bheema disturbed him and asked him to give way to him due to which Hanuman got angry and they had a fight.Bheema got tired after the fight.Iam a old Monkey i cannot move so you move my tail and get your way said Maurti finally. Bheema tried to move the tail but he couldnot.

Finally both of them got into an agreement and learnt that they are siblings.At that time Hanuman promised Bheema that whenever he is in trouble he will help him out.Arjuna’s chariot which has a flag will have Hanuman’s image in it.

How to get his Blessings
The best way to impress Anjaneya is to chant Rama Namam. Along with this we can offer this to him Vadamalai,Curd rice,Red flowers, Sindhurum mixed with butter,Banana.

Those who are suffering from ill effects of Saneeswara can pray Hanuman and get rid of them.When one does Ramayan Parayanam and Pravachanam its a habit to do Avahanam to Hanuman and provide him a seat there.

Story behind Panchamukha Anajaneya
When he fought with SadhaKandan small Sadhakandan’s evolved from his stomach and to fight with them he took the forms of Monkey,Lion,Garuda,Varaham,Horse faces and evolved as Panchamukha Anjaneya.

He is the favourite disciple of Lord SriRama and he was the one who helped Rama to find Sita.Lets all write SriRamajayam 108 times on this auspicious day and get the blessings of Lord Hanuman.


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