Mahodaya Punyakalam Anushtanams

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Mahodaya Punayakalam falls on 8th feb 2016 and it is also Thai Amavasai on this day.Bharatha desam is karma bhoomi and punya bhoomi.Time and place will determine the significance of punya karyas.Anushtanams performed at the right time and right place Will give significance effect.This occurs once in many years.Certain people say that this occurs once in 144 years.


Mahodaya Punyakalam is a combination of certain timings, month, yogam,days of the week. The month should be either Thai masam / Maasi masam ,day should be Monday,Timing is during sunrise and the yogam should be vyathi patha yogam along with a new moon day (amavasai) and the star should be Thiruvonam.

If the same combination occurs on a sunday morning during sunrise then it is called Ardhodaya punayakaalam.

Peforming Srartha karmas / Nadhi snanam / Dhanams / Pooja’s / Chanting mantras / Homams / japams on this day would give you the equivalent effect of performing the same on 100 crore surya Grahanams.

What to donate
The following can be donated to poor people / Brahmins who chant vedas Cow,land,Thil,Gold,Ghee,cloths,navadhanyas,Jaggery,silver,salt,books,deepam,fruits,vegetables,Food,Water

What to do
Do Nadhi snanam,Visit temples,Chant Gayathri,Chant Stotrams, Perform visesha Poojas to deities at home and temple,Perform Abhishekam,Neivedhyam,Get blessings of elders.

Please find below the Anushtanams to be followed during Mahodaya PunyakalamMP2
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