MahaSivarathri Special programs at Bengaluru

Posted on Mar 1 2016 - 11:17am by Swathi

The Mahasivarathri on 07.03.2016 is said to be very holy and auspicious. Mr. Rajappa Gurukkal, the Sthanigar [commissioner] of Sri Kailasanathar temple and Sri Ekambareswarar temple, Kancheepuram,  commented that, “The fasting that will be observed by any person on the Sivarathri on 07.03.2016 alone, will reap benefits that would reach the person by fasting for 3 crores of Sivarathris!”.

He further explained regarding this as, “In Saivism, the vrath [Viradham – fasting] that is observed on Mahasivarathri is considered to be the greatest among all other vrath/fasting. The Mahasivarathri vrath is very divine and is split into three types: Uthamam, Madhyamam and Adhamam.

It is quoted by the Sasthras that it is quite important for the Chathurdasi thidhi to stay during the midnight on the night of Sivarathri. Further, it is said to be very good / uthamam, when Thrayodasi thidhi stays during the day of Sivarathri and Charthurdasu thidhi falls on the night of Sivarathri.

The upcoming Mahasivarathri on 07.03.2016 is one such event. The Thrayodasi thidhi stays during the day and the Chathurdasi thidhi stays during the whole night and also till 09.00 AM of next day morning. This is said to be UTHAMA SIVARATHRI. Further, as stated in the Utharakaarana Aagamam, when Sivarathri gets itself combined with a Somavaram [Monday], it is said to equal 3 crores of Sivarathris!.

On the 07th March, 2016, both Somavaaram and Chathurdasi thidhi are together and observing vrath on that day will bring in benefits equal to observing vrath for 3 crores of Sivarathris. Hence, everyone is requested to observe vrath for the Sivarathri as per their practices, visit temples, stay awake during the night and chant Sivanamaas and thus attain all sorts of good benefits and good living from the almighty.”

Courtesy:Sri Ramakrishan, Delhi.

For the benifit of all the bhaktas we have consolidated the information related special pooja’s are performed on this occasion in Bangalore.

dancing siva

Those who cannot go and join any of these pooja’s can view a live telecast of the following pooja at as given in the below image.

By Pradosha Pooja Group at Gangadhara Chetty Road, Bangalore.


Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Shankar Mutt, Malleswaram              Pooja starts at 6 P.M at will continue till 10.30 or 11 P.M
Address:5th Main, 11th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore

Sree Ramakrishna Bhajana Sabha Trust at Gangadhara Chetty Road



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