Surya Grahana Dosha Parihara Slokam

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As per Hindu Mythology Surya Grahanam is the period where sun is swallowed by Rahu/Kethu.The first grahanam of the year 2016 falls on 9th March 2016 and it is considered to occur due to Kethu this time. This usually occurs on a new moon day. On this day grahanam ends at 6.49a.m post which we can take bath.

Story behind Grahanam
When the Devatha’s and the Rakshasha’s churned the ocean of milk, Amrutham came into existence Devatha’s and Rakshasa’s started fighting for it and Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini to cheat the Rakshasa’s and stared distributing amrutham to devatha’s. One of the rakshasa’s realized this and he disguised himself as a devatha and stood in the line of devathas and had Amurtham.The sun and the moon who sensed this informed this to Lord vishnu. He got angry and severed the head of demon.But he had already had amurtham and hence he didnot die. The rakshasa was in the form of snake when he had amrutham.So when Lord Vishnu severed his head his both got cut into 2 parts. One is the head which is Known as Rahu and the torso with tail is known as Ketu.Raghu and Kethu got angry and they vowed that from then on they would swallow Sun and the Moon as and when they come nearby to them.This duration where in the sun/moon is being swallowed by Rahu/kethu is called Grahanam.


  • Keep a piece of Dharbhai/dharbha on all the food items like Pulses,rice etc
  • Keep chanting slokas/keep praying since chanting at the time of grahanam is going to have 1000 times more effect.
  • Have bath after grahanam.
  • Do Grahana paraharam if the grahanam is in your star.
  • Dhanam during this period is considered to be very auspicious.


  • Avoid having intake in any form like food/water/milk etc.
  • Avoid Sleeping
  • Avoid touching anything like clothes etc since we are considered to be impure during this period as we dwell in darkness due to the absence of sun.By mistake if you get into contact of any of these it is better to wash them after Grahanam.
  • Pregnant ladies should be extra cautious during this period and they should not get come out of the house and get exposed to any radiations.

Who should do pariharam for this eclipse
Those who were born on the below mentioned stars should do the Grahana pariharam on the day of grahanam that occurs on 9-Mar-2016

  • Punarpoosam/Punarvasu
  • Visakam
  • Sadayam/Shatabhisha
  • Pooratadhi/Poorvabhadra
  • Uttharatadhi/Uttharabhadra

Grahana Dosha Pariharam
The following sloka should be written in a new cloth / Palm left with kumkum or pen. Tie this to your hand and this should be chanted atleast 3 times.

Indro(A)nalo Dhandadara scha rukshaha paashaayudho vaayu kubera eeshaha
Kurvanthu sarva ma ma Janmarksha raashistha suryagraha dosha shanthim

After grahanam take bath,Remove this from your hand and take some Paddy/godhi Place this cloth on the same,add some dakshanai and gold to it,Chant the below sloka and donate.If your kids fall are born on the above mentioned stars you can do the parihara
on their behalf.

“ma ma janma raksho Suryoparaga Prayuktha Dosha Pariharartham idham hiranyam dhanyamcha Sampradadhe.”

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