Karadayan Nombu / Savithri Nombu Manthirams

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Significance of savithri nombu or karadaiyan nombu
Karadayan Nombu other wise called as Savithri nombu is observed by Married women in tamil nadu by fasting on the last day of maasi month.This is observed for the well being of the husband .Even unmarried girls observe this to get a good husband.On this day savithri saved her husband from yama.This year it falls  on 15-Mar-19 .

Story behind this Nombu.
Savithri who was a princess wanted to marry Satyavan even after getting to know that he will be in his death bed soon.Initially her parents were reluctant to get her married to satyavan because of this reason but since Savithri was very adament in marrying him they had no other option and finally arranged for their marriage.

After marriage once they both went to cut wood in the forest and Satyavan fell down from the tree and was about to die.Soon Yama arrived to take Satyavan along with him and Savithri started persuading him not to take away her husband from her and starts following him. Yama offers a series of boons to stop her from following. She finally asks for 100 children.

Yama grants it. Savitri says, “How am I to have 100 children without my husband?So, please restore him to life.” Yama agrees and Satyavan lifespan got increased. Hence women observe fasting on this day and a receipe by name Adai is offered as Neivedhyam.

Following are the Manthrams related to this Nombu

Savithri Nombu

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