Rig Veda Avani avittam (Upakarma) -2016: Timings and Locations

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Upakarma / Avani avittam is an important ritual for most of the Tamil and Kerala Brahmin communities.In this Dhurmukhi Samvatsaram it falls on 17 Aug 2016 for those who practice Rig vedam. Taking this into consideration we have consolidated list of areas in Bangalore where Upakarma for Rig Vedam for the year 2016 is being conducted along with the timings

Now let’s understand the significance of these rituals.

Significance of Upakarma:
Upakarma means Karma that converts old to new. Human body does not have the capacity to hold the power of mantra japams done like (Gayathri, pariseshanam, sandhyavandanam, Rudram etc) for more than a year and the power will be lost on this day similar to expiry date for medicines.Hence to rejenuvate this power, sastram says those who practice Rig vedam should  perform upakarma / avani avittam on Sravana  Nakshatram.In a way upakarma is done to restore all the mantras belonging to 3 vedams after doing shuddhi to these mantras. This crops up a question in our mind like how to get this done for ladies who have the power of strotras,panchakshari mantras etc.Sastram  says that a women is half of man and when man performs upakarma, mantras linked to his wife will get purified. So it becomes mandatory for a man to perform upakarma and if he doesn’t do upakarma then the power of mantras that his wife chants will be lost.

Avani Avittam-3

Significance of Gayathri Japam:
Gayathri japam prayaschita(Gayathri mantra chanted 1008 times) is performed to get rid of the sins committed between the previous upakarma and the current upakarma . An interesting fact to note here is this ritual is celebrated on the same day by dwijas belonging to different vedams where as upakarma is observed on different days for different vedams.

To understand about the significance of doing sandhya vandanam please go through this link

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