Navarathri Golu Photos 2017 – Part2

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Mrs Soumya Sriram – Chennai
The theme of my Golu is “Melakarta Ragas”
There is an play and hear demo of the Melakarta or Parent Ragas.
This golu I have made a small golu with a theme that does no more than showcase the 72 melakarta ragas, their structure and an audio of the aarohanam, avarohanam of each of the 72 parent ragas together with a Carnatic song and a film song.

1-72 are the aarohanam / avarohanam
73-144 are the Carnatic songs
145-216 are songs from movies ( I could not find songs for certain ragas or janya ragas )This golu is to tickle the viewers interest in our heritage and interest him or her to walk on a path of understanding Carnatic music.My husband Sriram was instrumental in helping me with the creation.Key cards of each Raga – 6 to a chakra are placed on grooved wood and each chakra is further explained in relation to the chakras in the human body together with the Colour they represent.I have placed a keyboard for the viewer to try playing the chords of their favorite melakarta while listening and learning.
Karthik Keerthi – Singapore
KarthiKeerthigoluentry4 KarthiKeerthigoluentry3KarthiKeerthigoluentry2
Priya Viswwanathan – Chennai
Our traditional five step Golu, which includes divine dolls of deities and a village with tribes. We also have a theme of “EVOLUTION OF KITCHEN UTENSILS.” which portrays the different kind of utensils used in the kitchen , centuries ago till date.
Navarathri Golu - Priya Vishwanath7 Navarathri Golu - Priya Vishwanath5 Navarathri Golu - Priya Vishwanath4 Navarathri Golu - Priya Vishwanath2 Navarathri Golu - Priya Vishwanath
Lalitha Venkatesh
This year we have a thematic golu.. Ellam Shiva mayam.The lingams are hand made out of plastic cups and tumblers.
Lalithavenkateshentry3 lalithavenkateshentry2

Sri National School – Gobichettipalayam
nationalschoolentry4 nationalschoolentry3 nationalschoolentry2
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