Navarathri Golu Photos 2017 – Part4

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M.Revathi – Chennai
Revathi Navarathi Golu Contest Entry3
Revathi Navarathi Golu Contest Entry4 Revathi Navarathi Golu Contest Entry11 Revathi Navarathi Golu Contest Entry6 Revathi Navarathi Golu Contest Entry5
Shanti Kannan – Chennai
In order to motivate and create environmental awareness among general public through Golu. I have chosen the following themes .

  1. Vertical Garden.
  2. Use Solar Energy (renewable source of energy).
  3. Vision – 2020 (Make in India)
  4. Rainwater harvesting.
  5. Windmill
  1. Vertical Garden :-

Now a days people migrate from village to city, hence there is no sufficient space for gardening.  In order to motivate go green policy a “VERTICAL GARDEN” arrangement is displayed (made out of used cool drinks bottles only) which will be very useful to utilize vertical space for gardening in apartments, flyovers  and all other areas where ever possible to make out city Green.

  1. Use Solar Energy :-

At present due to insufficient electric power, we are facing a lot of problems in our day to day life.  To overcome these problems generation and use of solar energy in all most all areas even in villages also.  (Named as Solar Village) those concepts are displayed in aesthetic manner to create awareness.

  1. Vision – 2020 :-

Our former president Dr. A.P.J. AbdulKalam’s dreams, during the year 2020 his vision has to be full filled by us. i.e. – Monorail, Bullet train, digital India, Central monitoring, Make in India etc.  are displayed (all exhibits are made by OWN) 

  1. Rainwater harvesting :-

Water scarcity is vital problem in all places of country. Easy method of  collecting and storing  the rain water at houses for drinking purpose is also displayed. (The same is implemented and used in my house for the past 10 years).

  1. Windmill:-

Windmill can be another alternate to produce electric power like solar energy.
Shanti kannan golu competition1- purohitsandcooks Shanti kannan golu competition5- purohitsandcooks Shanti kannan golu competition4- purohitsandcooks Shanti kannan golu competition3- purohitsandcooks Shanti kannan golu competition2- purohitsandcooks
Usha Mukund – Chennai

Our  Golu consists of a traditional seven step Golu and a Thematic Golu.
Seven step Golu  in a large seven feet  rack neatly covered.
Thematic Golu :
First Theme : MAHANGAL
Consists of  Alwargal, Sithargal,Mum Moorthigal, Appar, Sundarar, Sambandhar and Manikavasagar.
Budhar,Vallalar,Vivekanandar, Meera Bhai,Baktha Prahalada, Nakeerar,Avvaiyar, Bharathiyar, Bogar Ramakrishna Paramhamsar,Shiridi Sai,Thiruvalluvar,mahathmaghandi.
Adhi Shankarar, Kanchi Periyaval, Ramanujar,Raghevendrar, Manavala Mamunigal.
Goshala,Dharmashala,Ashram, Patashala,Hospital,Bajan, Katcheri.
Second Theme :
Important Virudhams and its benefits.
1.  Virudhams for Wealth ( Selva Valam )  
    – Sathya Narayana Virudham
    – Akshya Thithi
    – Lakshmi Khubera Puja
    – Friday Virutham 
2.  Virudhams for Puthra Bagyam 
    – Aadi Pooram
    – Naga Panchami
    – Krishna Jayanthi
    – Santhana lakshmi Pooja
3.  Virudhams for Mangalya Bagyam
     – Thiruvadirai Virudam
     – Var Lakshmi Virudam
     – Kokila Virudham
     – Karwa chowth
     – Garuda Panjachami
     – Ashwatha Virdham
     – Kedhara Gowri Virdham
     – Karadayan Nonbu
All the above thematic dolls are placed in a beautifully drawn Rangoli with Stones. ( Mahangal)
There are also several hand made dolls displayed under our Golu.
To add beauty to our Golu elaborate light works have been done.
UshaMukund - Purohitsandcooks Navarathri Competition1 UshaMukund - Purohitsandcooks Navarathri Competition8 UshaMukund - Purohitsandcooks Navarathri Competition7 UshaMukund - Purohitsandcooks Navarathri Competition6 UshaMukund - Purohitsandcooks Navarathri Competition5 UshaMukund - Purohitsandcooks Navarathri Competition2
UshaMukund - Purohitsandcooks Navarathri Competition3
UshaMukund - Purohitsandcooks Navarathri Competition4

Concept of our golu is Gokulathil kannan, perumalin perumai and Kailayil arumuganudan karthigai pengal.
Rajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest14 - Purohitsandcooks Rajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest13 - Purohitsandcooks
Rajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest12 - Purohitsandcooks Rajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest11 - Purohitsandcooks
Rajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest10 - Purohitsandcooks
Rajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest9 - Purohitsandcooks
Rajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest8 - Purohitsandcooks Rajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest7 - Purohitsandcooks Rajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest6 - Purohitsandcooks Rajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest5 - Purohitsandcooks Rajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest4 - Purohitsandcooks Rajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest2 - Purohitsandcooks chRajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest1 - Purohitsandcooks
Yazhini Chandran – Madurai
We arranged traditional steps with indivual god and goddess dolls. We arranged story dools such as village scene, Ramayanam, grocery shop, krishna leela, SOME OF 64 leela of siva,etc. WE also decorate for kalasam as aadhi parasakthi and small lamp(kuthu vilaku) as godess lakshmi and saraswathi.
Rajeshwari Navarathri Golu Contest14 - Purohitsandcooks Yazhini Golu Competition2 - Purohitsandcooks
Yazhini Golu Competition1 - Purohitsandcooks Yazhini Golu Competition8 - Purohitsandcooks Yazhini Golu Competition7 - Purohitsandcooks Yazhini Golu Competition6 - Purohitsandcooks Yazhini Golu Competition5 - PurohitsandcooksYazhini Golu Competition4 - Purohitsandcooks
Yazhini Golu Competition3 - Purohitsandcooks
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