Navarathri Golu Photos 2017 – Part6

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SasiRekha Srikanth – Chennai 
SasiRekha Golu Competition Entry3 - PurohitsandCooks
SasiRekha Golu Competition Entry2 - Purohitsandcooks
SasiRekha Golu Competition Entry1-Purohitsandcooks
Vidhu Sree 
Vidhusri Golu Competition Entry5 - PurohitsandCooks Vidhusri Golu Competition Entry4 - PurohitsandCooks Vidhusri Golu Competition Entry3 - PurohitsandCooks
Vidhusri Golu Competition Entry2 - PurohitsandCooks
Vidhusri Golu Competition Entry1 - PurohitsandCooks
Syamala – Chennai
We kept Golu for Navratri 2017 with Bhagavatham theme and also Thirumala Srinivasa Temple with Seven Hills and Brahmotsavam Gaja Vahana seva.

brahmotsava gajavahanam gokulam entrance Krishna's bath2 thirumala ananda nilayam Swathi Golu Competition Entry1 - PurohitsandCooks Krishna's naughty act1
Radha Balu – Trichy

We are keeping golu at our house for the last 22 years. Majority years the main golu will be a traditional one which will consist of 7 steps and filled with mainly hindu gods.

Every year a subordinate golu will also be kept which will be a thematic one. This year the theme was  “Art from waste”. One can find many items in the golu which are from old  unusable items like cardboard, water bottles and such similar items.

Another attraction in this year is decoration and design of devi.

The first 3 days, Rajarajeswari alankaram was done. The next 3 days  devi became Annapurani and the last 3 days Meenakshi. Also a separate idol designed as Ranga Nayaki Thayar was kept.

The entire golu filled up the hall with decorations and serial sets and decorative lights.

Navarathri Golu Competition-Art from waste Navarathri Golu Competition3- PurohitsandCooks Navarathri Golu Competition2 - Purohitsandcooks

Navarathri Golu Competition Ranganayaki thayar - PurohitsandCooks

Navarathri Golu Competition Radhakrishna - PurohitsandCooks

Navarathri Golu Competition Animal kingdom - Purohitsandcooks

Navarathri Golu Competition - PurohitsandCooks

Navarathri Golu Competition - Annapoorani devi PurohitsandCooks


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