6 Vaara Padalgal and Narayaneeyam

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Dharma Sastha Seva Mandali’s Sastha Preethi Celebrations are being conducted at the below mentioned address on 6th  Jan and 7 th Jan 2018 at the below mentioned address.

Mudaliar sangam
Osborne Road

Significance of 6 Vara Padalgal

Mangadu Amman
6 Vara Padalgal (six week songs) is to worship Kamakshi of Mangadu.This pooja is supposed to be very powerful and is good for prosperity,health,marriage,peace and happiness.Goddess has taken the incarnation of Kamakshi in Mangadu(Forest of Mango’s) to give solace to the people with problems.Like every god havinga particular method of worship, this goddess is worshiped consecutively for 6 weeks.

Narayaneeyam is the story of lord Narayana.It is a work consisting of 1034 slokas or verses,divided into 100 dasakams or chapters,each dasakam consisting of approximately 10 slokas. It is a condensed version of Bhagavatha purana, which consists of 18,000 slokas authored by Veda Vyasa.It is said that the work has the blessings of Lord Krishna or Guruvayoorappan, the presiding deity of Guruvayur.

Narayaneeyam narrates a series of episodes from the Bhagavata Purana,choosing the most pious of the lot.The incarnations of Vishnu are traced with pity.Bhattathri transforms the episodes into solemn prayers pouring out his soul in total supplication before the lord.The final dasaka kesadipaada vamanam,embodies top-to-toe picture of little krishna in all grace and glory.

Please find below the program details.

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