Vikari Nama Samvatsara Tharpanam Guide

Posted on May 3 2019 - 3:13pm by Swathi

Tharpanam is a ritual that is performed to please our pithrus by offering water and gingely seeds on every Amavasya , Grahanam,etc.In this post we have published the punakalas where tharpanam has to be performed along with dates,Days,Ruthu,Paksha etc which will be of much help to those who perform Tharpanam.

For the benefit of those who are staying in locations with limited access to priests and would like to perform tharpanam, we will be releasing a audio file in our website soon through which you can perform that tharpanam on your own.Please comment and let us know if this was helpful / anything of this sort that would benefit our community . We are glad to take up your requests and take it forward.

If you are looking for a priest to perform tharpanam at your house or would like to know the nearby locations where this can be performed please send a note to

This is from RBS Religious association,Rajajinagar.
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These following details were provided to us by Sri.Manavalan Vadhyar and we thank him for the same..

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