Significance of Arudhra Darisanam

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Arudhra Darisanam / Thirvadirai is an important festival for devotees of Lord Shiva in Tamilnadu and Kerala mostly by Tamilians. This is the day on which Lord Nataraja for the sake of his two devotees Pathanjali and Vyagrapathar, danced happily in the temple of Chidambaram. Thirvadhirai Nakshatram is called Arudhra in Sanskrit. This festival is celebrated in the tamil month of Marghazhi which is also called Dhanurmasam on a full moon day and the star on this day is Arudhra.In Dhrumukhi nama Samvatsaram this festival is celebrated on 30th December 2020

On the day of Thiruvadhirai it is good to go to Siva’s temple and get his blessings. Usually a black Kaajal(mai) is offered as a prasadam on this day. Belief is that applying this on your forehead gives you a healthy and prosperous life.

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Why is Kali offered as prasadam on the Day or Thirvadirai.
After Pattinathar attained Samadhi his clerk Sendhan started his livelyhood as a woodcutter.Even at this stage he used do annadhanam everyday.Lord Shiva was impressed by this and one day he himself came to Sendhan’s house as a guest. That day Sendhan’s family didnot have any thing at home and they were left with Rice flour,Jaggery. Sendhan’s wife made use of this and prepared Kali.Along with this she also prepared a sambar / kootu with all the vegetables at home and both served it to the athidi who was none other than lord shiva with great respect and devotion.

Next day morning in the temple of Nataraja archakar found spilled over kali all over the floor and got tensed. He then followed the path
of the spilled over Kali and reached the house of Sendhan and understood that it is the miracle of lord shiva.From then on it has become a habit to prepare this dish and offer as a neivedhyam to Siva the day of Thirvadhirai

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